Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's mid-December and I'm feeling weird about things. A week ago I called the fix-it guy who took my back-storm-door away this summer-- it had been flung about and mangled by the big tornadic winds that passed through in June-- and left a message that we really needed to find a time for him to put the door back on. A week ago, no reply yet. Maybe he hasn't gotten around to fixing it, maybe he lost it, or maybe he just feels weird himself, ashamed that he never finished the job. I know that feeling, but I also know there is frost building up on the inside window of the backdoor and that is not cozy to see.
I'm feeling also like a crappy teacher, a mediocre student, a lousy sister, terrible daughter, disappeared friend. Poor housekeeper, rotten gardener, embarrassing neighbor. . .

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Rule: You don't have to be rude to win.

It's too bad old man McCain is past learning, even though he's been gently schooled by Obama twice now.

I am so excited about what President Obama is going to teach America about grace, dignity, and strength. We could all use a little more of that.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

letter to the editor

Why is it that some people think their next-door neighbor is qualified to be vice-president or even president? Isn't that what we were hearing about George W. Bush a few years back- that he is someone a lot of people could imagine having a beer with?

Are the people I "identify" with qualified to run the country? After all, I am well-educated, informed, and pretty nice most of the time, though I can be tough when riled. Would that make me a good president?

My neighbors are nice people-- some are funny, some have great lawns, and all can be counted on to loan me a cup of sugar if I ask. Would I like to see any of them in the Oval Office? No I would not.

Of the four candidates for the two highest offices, I have most in common with John McCain, because sometimes I make rash judgments and speak before I think; sometimes my quick temper and sharp tongue get me in trouble. I have gaps in my knowledge that sometimes I'm willing to admit, and other times I'm not.

I do not want a president who is just like me. I want a smart, thoughtful, cool-headed president who can help this country rise up again and restore our standing in the world. I want a president who is looking forward and understands the challenges of this century. I want a vice-president who does not have plans to further expand the powers of that office (as Cheney has so dangerously done.) That is why I am supporting the Obama-Biden ticket.

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