Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am not fit for company, and apologize for my long delinquency. Overwhelmed, etc, and I feel bad bitching about needing a day off when I know far too many people who have too many days off. I'm sort of sick and tired of waking up worrying about other people's kids, but it's somehow not triggering my compassionate nature. No, quite the opposite. I'm feeling particularly Melvillian and want to knock hats off heads (and suckers out of mouths and smirks off faces and you get the drift. Danger to others.) I'd really like to take to the sea today. Or the desert, forest, prairie, recliner, anywhere else really.

OK, to cheer us on our way, Neil Gaiman has linked to his Nano peptalk from 2 years ago. Thank you, Mr Gaiman, and I hope it's going well for all. I am not as far as I hoped to be by today, but still ahead of what I could be.

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Ex-in-the-City said...

Love your humpday-ness. My daughter (the older one IS a sailor) gets decidedly unhappy with too much time on land. I quote the "hats off heads" line often and accuse her of secretly plotting to caulk our townhouse watertight and float it out to sea. Sail to the Lied in January, M. I would love to see you!

LG Burroughs said...

Love this post Maureen. Tossing you a virtual life preserver. :)