Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ireland, Day 1?

Well, it's 4 am and I'm wide awake. Maybe this counts as Day 2. Can't tell what time my body thinks it is but I can tell you that sitting on the tarmac for 2+ hous in NY and then flying with 2 little mini-Vikings kicking (my seat) and yelling the whole way over the ocean did not help me get much of a jump on rewiring my inner clock. All the melatonin did was muddle.

So yesterday was a weird blur of wandering and napping. Ventured out from the hostel a few times but mental fog was so acute that a block away I'd start to think I was lost or about to be.

I finally have a good wifi signal.

OK, tour some ruins today. Will repeort back then.

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jt said...

Maureen- If you get to Galway, check out the O'Maille's family owned store on High Street for great selection/quality of Aran sweaters, etc.
Jim Becker

Kathleen said...

missed you today at Field Club parade...where do I see pictures of you? k