Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It has only been a couple weeks since I made a (secret) vow to post something here at least twice a week. So last week: fail. I'm blaming allergies, insomnia (can't blame any one thing for that, just a slide show of anxieties,) and my slow slow process. Also I'm behind on my Querying, which is getting better but is still too slow; I thought I'd have some sort of template by now, but I find myself hyper-customixing each agent query and I'm still not satisfied. Nor are they, apparently.

Also feeling knotted up over politics. Still having trouble accepting what poor losers the losers are.

Anyway, here is a great blog post by The Intern regarding scientific proof that publishing a book won't make you happier. Enjoy that, my friends.

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stephanie said...

Don't you love the Intern? I read that post and I thought, hmm...well...I know that's true, but I'd still like to test that theory by getting a book deal.

kjamrozy said...

glad I have caught up on your past get some sleep!

Shreds said...

Thanks, K.
Stephanie, I love the Intern, too. It's nice to know that the slushminers are smart people, and funny, but sometimes reading her and The Rejectionist just takes the wind out of my sails. I have to be careful as to when.