Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration

Parent-teacher conferences tonight make for a long day ahead, but as long as I'm home in time for Glee I'll be ok.

Catching up on some reading this morning, I came upon an inspiring quote from 1st Books: Stories of How Writers Get Started.

“It was one thing — not a difficult thing — to want to be a writer; another to become one… Looking back on it, I think the truth was that I was scared of my ambition, scared of discovering that I didn’t have what it took to fulfill it. . .And this was perhaps the nub of my fear about my ambition: I knew I wasn’t a natural writer. If I were, I’d already be a writer; there’d be no question of becoming one. The only way I could be a writer would be by making myself one, by squeezing the writer out of me. By work.” Graham Swift

I get a little worried, caught up as I am in the day-to-day of my job and spending weekends so focused on the business of "seeking representation." I miss the writing, the work. This weekend, I'll let the unrejected (so far) queries do their work (out in the world, all alone,) and I'll try to get back to mine.

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stephanie said...

Trying to get published is a funny thing in the writer's world. No one would write, ever, if there weren't other writers who had been published to inspire us. Therefore, we want to publish our own work. But getting caught up in the idea of writing for real money is very attractive and lovely, but it can take away from, like you said, the work. Sending work out should be like denture glue. We should Fixodent and forget it. But, well, that's hard.

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