Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quer I for the Fine Line

If you'd spent a weekend writing agent queries, that title might make sense. I'm to the point where I can't tell if they (the queries) are getting better or worse, but whichever it is, they are getting way more that.

And that last sentence makes me think worse.

It's all those fine lines-- between confidence and hubris, brevity and too scanty to matter. Is it thorough or blabby, moving or schmaltzy? Am I ambitious or desperate?

And in the last few queries, because I'm tired, and because I have to finish up and get dressed up for the True Blood finale wherein I hope to be ravished-in-proxie by one Eric Northman, and because one of those agents had blogged about The Big Bad Book Comparison, I went ahead and threw in a wildly flattering (to me) comparison one of my mentors had made. And because for months I've been dying to tell someone about that flattering comparison but never had the chance because, you know, I'm so modest and all, well, I put that line in my next query, too. To an agent who, for all I know, might just hate Big Bad Book Comparisons, and who may lack the sense of humor required to see that of course I know it's outrageous, that's why I put it in my query letter, right? Cause I'm funny, right?

So, form reject, right?

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stephanie said...

Query letters stress me out. I've never tried to attempt one, though that is on the horizon. There are so many dos and don'ts and so many agent bloggers who get all pissy about them that I just want to be like: Dear Agent, Here is my f-ing book. Love, Stephanie

Shreds said...

I know. I've been reading a lot of agent bloggers since March, didn't send one out until July. That first batch was so corny I wince to think of them.
As far as agent bloggers go, I think Nathan Bransford is da bomb, very kind, and he has a helpful sort of how-to reference library on his blog. Also Janet Reid for the vinegar side-- she's very open about what annoys agents.

rock john said...

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