Monday, September 14, 2009

Got a Nibble!

Re: yesterday's whinging (yes, whinging, look it up) about queries, I finally received a communication that's NOT a form rejection-- an actual request for a few chapters. And, yes, I know, that can (and usually does) still lead to "Thank you very much, but in today's climate, and not right for us, etc, but good luck."

The letter that got the reaction was NOT one of the Big Bad Book Comparisons, either. So. Learning.

Now, if you need a little leather-free discipline, check out this succinct bit on Stephanie Austin's process.

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stephanie said...

Nibbles are good. They lead to big, big bites!

LG Burroughs said...

Good news!
Here's to them chomping on your whole book!

Shreds said...


Must share this: I just read these two comments, it is early and I've only had a halfacup, so my mind is still between places, and the Steph comment plus the LG comment caused a moving image to pop into my mind-- was it a few years ago, some salons on the East Coast I think were offering fish pedicures-- you sat on the edge of a pool and these tiny toothy goldfish would nibble on your feet until they were smooth as a baby bottom. Hmm.